We set a new global benchmark in digital identity enabling secure online services with best of breed commercial cyber security for consumers, business and government. VeroGuard is a unique technology that enables online authentication and encrypted transmission across fixed and mobile networks with same level of identity security as the ATM network. VeroGuard is the best of breed commercial cyber security for open internet based login to the cloud or enterprise networks. It is a proven ultra-secure technology using an anchored ID and multi-factor authentication providing true digital identity verification.


Best of Breed Cyber Security

VeroGuard enables best of breed commercial security for online service. We can converge Security, Identity & Payments layers or wrap around existing IT environments. Upgrade to ultra-security protection and Digital ID.

Secure Cloud Storage

Vero’s cloud solution splits data to secure servers through a system called VeroVault.

Universal Identity

Vero’s ID is universal. The citizen owns their ID and privacy and is authenticated by any system running a Vero API. This is true single sign on and digital wallet (including payments).


Vero provides a secure cloud environment with a range of services for collaboration.

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Our Team

The VeroGuard Systems team invented wireless EFTPOS security protocols and were key members in developing ATM security architectures (State Bank of Victoria) in the 1990s, which are now used globally. Between them, they have nearly 100 years of combined experience in developing payment systems and secure network transactions. We also have leaders from global IT firms, experienced in the transformation of core systems, identity and security.

Our Partners

We are delighted to be working with these exciting partners to provide clients globally with our ground breaking technology. We believe in great expertise and are assembling the partners that want to make a difference in Digital Identity and Cyber Security.