In the modern world of online transactions and electronic communication, your digital identity is very real, and it’s essential that you protect it. Unfortunately, there’s no software that’s ever been invented that can’t or won’t be hacked some time, by someone. For any solely software-based solution that can be written, someone can write a software work-around. The solution is a system that uses secure hardware to provide a seamless digital experience.

The most secure network in the world is arguably the hardware-software combination used by ATMs, which has reportedly never been hacked. ATMs are so reliable because they are a secure private network that relies on a combination of software and hardware — the software to provide the connections, and the hardware to provide the real-time physical security of a coded card with a PIN.

VeroGuard means that you can now have ATM-level security for your payment cards including real Debit online, all online transactions, and digital identity.

What is VeroGuard?

VeroGuard is a new digital security system that uses the software+hardware style security of ATMs to protect your digital identity.

What is VeroGuard?

VeroCard is a credit card sized device, secured with a PIN, that you can use to manage your digital identity through the secure VeroGuard system. VeroCard – when used as a Digital Wallet has the capacity to store more than 100 cards securely within its tamper proof black box.

Set yourself up with a VeroGuard account, set the PIN on your VeroCard and you’re ready to go.

Use it to confirm your identity on Government websites.

Use it to store important identity information such as digital drivers licences, other licences or permits and frequent flyer cards to name a few.

Enter your payment cards into your VeroCard and use it to tap-and-go and pay online – especially with real Debit online.

Use it like an EFTPOS to receive payments from others.

Use it to verify your identity on your favourite online shopping site, and never have to trust anyone else with your personal information again.

The best part? VeroCard provides real-time authorisation notifications — so if someone tries to use your bank or credit cards, or to log in to a site using your details, you simply don’t enter the authorising PIN. With this system you are totally protected against unauthorised use. VeroCard is totally secure:

Uses a single unique pin.

Can’t be wirelessly hacked, can’t be skimmed, can’t be tampered with..

Locks out anyone who doesn’t know the pin.

Is a third party verification service, so only you have access to your information.

Interested in VeroGuard protection?

The VeroCard is a new product we are planning for consumer release in late 2017. It is the new global benchmark in cyber security for your personal identity information which gives you peace of mind.. If you would like to be first to receive one, a super quick registration is here VeroVault..

Your VeroCard can be used with any website that supports Vero — let your favourite online store know you want Vero protection.

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VeroGuard is a joint software-hardware encryption solution invented by the people behind ATM network and wireless EFTPOS security technology. It guarantees the authenticity of the user and protects the data of both customer and merchant throughout the payment or transaction process.