More cyber in the middle? VeroGuard Responds.

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March 4, 2018
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More cyber in the middle? VeroGuard Responds.

In his recent article for the Full Tilt and Zdnet, Stilgherrian points out that Australia may currently have a gap in its cyber security coverage, particularly for its 3.2 million small to medium businesses.

Cyber security threats are growing at an exponential rate, with ransomware, phishing and other attacks designed to steal personal information largely going undetected by the average antivirus program and SMB firewall. This can be a sizable problem for individuals – the loss of your digital identity and personal information can have disastrous consequences for your personal finances. But it may become an even larger problem for all the small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) that are (as this article states) the backbone of the Australian economy. After all, cyber-crime impact is already sitting at 3% of GDP in Australia and is predicted to accelerate in growth by all researchers. This level of impact is surely an economic policy priority and will soon become an unacceptable weight on community living standards.

As has been widely reported, many small businesses in Australia are struggling to cope with cyber-crime and are having trouble accessing affordable IT and comprehensive security. In fact, in a recent nationwide report conducted by the NSW Government, almost 50% of businesses had reduced their online presence (and therefore possible growth) to avoid cyber security risks. If indeed most small businesses have only a basic firewall/antivirus security combo, more suitable to individual than company use, then Australia could have a serious security problem.

Stilgerrian states that a lot of recent security initiatives in Australia are targeted at large enterprises only. This will help to sure up critical infrastructure, but smaller scale options that support SMBs have been limited and traditional enterprise-grade security has previously been unaffordable for the average SMB.

Help is at hand – and available now.

At VeroGuard Systems and OpSys we have worked hard to build world leading cyber security solutions designed to be affordable for every person and business. We have just announced a partnership that will result in unmatched military/banking levels of prevention security combined with threat detection and response. This level of security for protecting activity across the internet has never been available before, and the response service is a new and unique feature for SMBs.

For a cost per user similar to that of a mobile phone plan, small and medium businesses throughout Australia can get a total peace of mind solution that works as hard as they do (24/7) and is simple to use. The services work with many existing IT systems, are fully scalable and have already been proven in large organisations.

SMBs represent the largest sector of employment in Australia and are crucial to all supply chains. They are the backbone of communities and tomorrow’s major businesses. Preventing business interruptions, loss of data and cyber-crime is vital for everyone.

We believe that everyone deserves to be protected online and have their digital identity secure, so at VeroGuard we re-engineered our proven financial services security protocols – that have been mass-adopted globally and used for the last 30 years (wireless EFTPOS and ATM networks) – to be available now for every user, business or government, across all internet transactions and digital activity.

This VeroGuard/OpSys partnership was formed initially to help SMBs to access affordable defence-level security that would enable them to position themselves to win work in the defence sector, however it became apparent that the same service can be used by any SMB or  businesses of any size, or government of any size. A further benefit is that as more SMBs join the platform, they will also be able to collaborate securely across the platform.

In an era where existing technologies are not slowing down the rate of cyber-crime, it has never been more important for everyone to be able to access this new global benchmark in security that can protect the way we live and work online.

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