Government agencies rely on the ability to control access to critical systems and sensitive data — it is essential that they are able to protect themselves from hack attacks, and to demonstrate that their data storage meets legislated cyber security and privacy requirements.

VeroGuard’s unique software-hardware encryption solution provides a cost effective way to implement:

Best of breed commercial cyber security for IT services including cloud and collaboration.

A privacy-securing universal digital identity system for your employees and customers.

The most cost effective modern payments gateway within the same network for identity.

The new global benchmark in digital security

Best of breed commercial cyber security for IT services

VeroGuard operates from within existing IT systems, so it provides a cost-effective way of upgrading your protection. Vero protection can be provided both to storage and to remote access collaboration.

Vero provides a secure cloud environment with a range of services for collaboration, where staff can login remotely, much more securely than with a VPN, password generator, or other remote access system. VeroVault delivers secure mail, messaging and secure e-signatures, meaning that your organisation can stop spending millions on Single Sign On systems. Files can also be shared and actioned by clients and other firms across mixed networks without compromising security or the integrity of the workflow. Vero dramatically improves the user experience — a single VeroCard is recognised in all systems running the Vero API and one pin can be used to verify identity across all of them.
Secure cloud storage
The other half of Vero’s IT services is provided through a best of breed secure cloud service, which delivers access to cloud storage on public networks. Vero’s cloud solution splits data to secure severs through a system called VeroVault. The only access to any file serviced by VeroVault, is with a VeroCard and its ID.

Universal digital identity system

VeroGuard provides a privacy enhancing digital identity system that you can use for both employees and clients. Single Sign On, Federated Identity Frameworks and digital identity protection have cost Government agencies (and businesses) millions of dollars over the decades since people began transacting over the internet. None of the existing systems are perfect — in addition to costing money, they vary from agency to agency and organisation to organisation, creating unnecessary duplication and confusion. And no existing system gives the kind of security people are looking for in protecting their digital identity.

The use of VeroCard enables individuals to securely prove their identity without having to provide their personal information and risk its loss or misuse. A person’s ID is tethered to the VeroCard and provides a universal way of identifying them in any system which has a VeroGuard Server or API. This means you can provide your staff and customers with bank standard encryption and authentication, as well as meet your Privacy Act 1988 requirements for transparency and security. Any additional information that is required can be authorised by the user with PIN approval to enable the VeroCard to fulfil the form. Because the data is automatically encrypted by VeroGuard, using VeroCard auto-fill is the only secure auto-fill system. Digital signatures can be secured and provided in a similar way.

Network convergence with payments

No other solution on the market has the unique switching capability of Vero to provide ultra secure identity authentication and a modern payments capability in 1 network. Governments everywhere manage multiple payments networks for physical service counters and online services. It is now possible to re-architect your networks down to 1 network which provides a device agnostic and multi-pay provider capability. The security enables “Card Present” transactions at all times which eliminates card not present fraud and repudiation or chargeback losses. It also enables true Debit transactions online – another global first – to reduce merchant service fees to the lowest level.

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VeroGuard is a joint software-hardware encryption solution invented by the people behind ATM network and wireless EFTPOS security technology. It verifies the authenticity of the user and protects the data of both customer and merchant throughout the payment or transaction process.