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January 29, 2018
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February 18, 2018
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Identity is the Key to Digital Transformation

It seems as though the entire professional world has been in a constant state of digital transformation for decades now, yet somehow the transition is never quite complete. Digital transformation is the process of adapting the way we conduct business, as well as the way we create and store data, to an increasingly digital world. This may appear a relatively simple transition, but up until this point there has been an insurmountable obstacle in our way – the question of identity.

We can never unlock the full potential of a digital society until identity can be confirmed online beyond reasonable doubt. The ability to verify your ID, and those of other users, is the missing link between where we stand today and the inevitable world of tomorrow. VeroGuard Systems Co-Ceo Nic Nuske examines the possibilities of an online environment with the capability of genuine authentication:

“Quite simply, the foundations of creating a sustainable e-commerce environment are based on the clarity of knowing who you are dealing with. Consider what any reasonable customer expects from the companies they deal with. It goes without saying that they want to know who they are talking to before becoming involved, but most people require further assurances. They want to have confidence that communications are confidential, and that neither their assets nor their personal details are exposed to theft. These are assurances that come a lot easier in face-to-face interaction, and it is this sort of trust that must be leveraged to facilitate digital transformation.

“As it we learn to adapt to a perpetually connected world and the importance of a global economy, we realise that the way we connect and transact must evolve. The systems currently in place are, by turns, burdened by costly overhead, time consuming and unreliable. A complete revolution in architecture is needed to connect and transact digitally in such a way as to provide the same confidence online as physical interaction. Architecture that enables an online environment that facilitates trade, reduces risks and builds confidence in supply chain ecosystems.

“The implications run far deeper than just commerce, however. The ability to verify identity is absolutely crucial to harness technology for the betterment of society. Take the issue of efficiency in public transport, for example. If we are able to connect to a variety of resources to design, schedule and plan civic projects, we can improve the outcome indeterminably. Utilising the data that flows back from any number of machines and devices provides a snapshot of usage as well as public satisfaction, but of course the data must be reliable. The ability to verify identity gives all of this data infinitely more value, or meaning.”

Nic Nuske is the Co-Ceo of VeroGuard Systems, a cutting-edge Melbourne based firm set to deliver a revolution in digital security.

Nic has unparalleled expertise in the field of digital commerce, with 25 years of experience in a number of roles at IBM, including Vice President of Global Financing (Asia Pacific). He is uniquely placed to help usher in a new era of e-commece.

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