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The VeroGuard Systems team invented wireless EFTPOS security protocols and were key members in developing ATM security architectures (State Bank of Victoria) in the 1990s, which are now used globally. Between them, they have nearly 100 years of combined experience in developing payment systems and secure network transactions.

Over the last few years, this team has been working to leverage their experience in secure payments into a system that can secure all online transactions and communications, and give individuals back control over their digital identity.

We also have leaders from global IT firms, experienced in the transformation of core systems, identity and security.

H. Daniel Elbaum

Chairman and Co – CEO

In the 1990s Daniel founded Dynamic Data Systems (DDS), a company that pioneered the creation of mobile EFTPOS, and continues to hold the global patent on this technology. Daniel oversaw all product development undertaken by DDS's development team, securing certifications and distributor contracts worldwide.

Following the sale of DDS, in 2003 Daniel designed and patented the VeroGuard Systems devices (then PoP Net), which were subsequently developed and certified by 2007. This system was deployed as a pilot in the NZ market in 2009 and in production in Fiji in 2011 for a bank. The system has now flawlessly completed more than 50 million transactions since its roll-out.

Nic Nuske

Co - CEO and Chief Customer Officer

Nic worked for IBM for over 25 years, including as Vice President for Growth Markets, Vice President Global Financing Asia Pacific, Client Services Principal Financial Services Sector and General Manager Distribution Industry. After leaving IBM, Nic was General Manager Sales and Marketing at Australia Post. In this role he worked across all customer segments and solutions, including identity and payments.

Through his private consulting business Nic has worked with a range of clients, including the Australian Department of Health, developing digital strategies. Nic is company director (GAICD) accredited.

Iain Moore

Head of Commercialisation

Iain has almost 20 years experience in finance, sales channels and productivity programs in both local and global markets. His exposure to IT&T service industries underpins his exposure to sales, operational integration, logistics and business improvement models across all market segments.. He has held a number of senior Financial, Commercial and Operational roles at EDS, Telstra and OfficeMax.

His last role at Telstra was Financial Controller and Commercial Manager - Telstra Mass Markets (TCW and SMB), where he led the finance team responsible for Telstra’s Retail Store network.

Nick Croucher

Chief Security Architect

Nick Croucher has specialised knowledge in complex operating systems, specifically in robotics and small devices. He has 15 years experience covering a broad array of technologies including; industrial robotics at Australian Cutting Systems, IT systems, media systems with home automation, concept product design, product manufacturing and software development for embedded and mobile applications.

Nick previously designed the operating system for Century CD robotics and is extremely skilled in architectural software for specific and general applications. Nick has been 17 years with Vero and is responsible for the security architecture design and implementation for the last 7 years.

Graham Farrar

Principal Architect

Graham Farrar is Principal Architect at VeroGuard Systems. His 35+ years in IT have been characterised by landing in different technology areas and applying himself to learn quickly and develop something useful and robust that gets deployed into a production environment. Some notable examples are:

  • The first ATM reciprocity network in Australia for the various State Banks in 1984. State Bank Victoria acted as the switching hub;
  • The first stand-alone wireless EFTPOS terminal certified by a bank in Australia. It used the mobile analogue network and certified in 1996; and the PS2010 specification and VeroGuard system deployed in Bank of South Pacific in Fiji in 2011.

Xinjian He

Head of Hardware

Xinjian is an outstanding engineer with more than 30 years specialising in hardware and software design with a number of companies including electronics instruments manufacturer, automotive video systems and payment industry.

He is a specialist in the design for manufacturability (DFM) with his embedded software design experience enhancing hardware designs. Xinjian also holds a Master of Engineering from RMIT.

Aaron Xu

Manufacturing Systems Manager

Guanrong(Aaron) Xu is a highly skilled engineer with more than 7 years experience specialising in hardware and manufacture management including electronics instruments manufacturer, IC chip design and manufacture and payment industry. His hardware design experience is applied to enhance IC chip designs which delivers outstanding production results. Aaron also holds a Master of Microelectronic Engineering and Diploma of Electronic Engineering from RMIT.

Tex Igarashi

Head of Operations - South Australia

Tex Igarashi is a highly capable solution focused engineering executive. With over 35 years experience of managing various projects within Mitsubishi Corporation and Hirotec Australia, he has proven success in commercialisation management and project management dealing with both domestic and international customers. Tex also holds a Bachelor of Naval Architecture from Tokyo University.

Brett Heaven

Head of Manufacturing

Brett has been involved in Automotive components manufacturing for more than 20 years, most recently Assembly shop Manager at Hirotech Australia. Brett's expert experience in process development, process documentation and continuous improvement will be utilised in the development of the VeroGuard manufacturing process. Brett holds a Masters of Management from the University of South Australia

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