VeroGuard Systems and OpSys announce new world class “Cyber Security as a Service” for Small Business – including for the Defence Sector

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February 18, 2018
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March 4, 2018
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VeroGuard Systems and OpSys announce new world class “Cyber Security as a Service” for Small Business – including for the Defence Sector

Collaborations between smart South Australian companies are driving the creation of world leading industry solutions with VeroGuard and Operational Systems (OpSys) teaming to deliver a new cyber security service designed for defence but suitable for all business sizes.

It is widely acknowledged that small businesses are struggling to cope with cyber-crime and finding access to affordable IT and security capability. In a recent nationwide report conducted by NSW Government, almost 50% of businesses reduced their online presence, a source of significant economic growth, to avoid the cyber security risks.

With the rapid growth of the Defence sector in Australia over the coming decade small businesses will be required to meet rigorous security standards in order to win business.

The partnership between VeroGuard and OpSys will deliver a world leading cyber security solution at an affordable price for small businesses using military level security and threat monitoring that is simple to use and implement.

South Australian owned and operated OpSys Group and VeroGuard Systems have entered into a formal development partnership to integrate VeroGuard’s world leading identity, cyber security and integration platform into OpSys’ global first cyber defence service built upon FireEye’s Helix platform. The joint solution offers the ultimate peace of mind for businesses to protect their operations from cyber-crime, all monitored from OpSys’ 24×7 Security Operation Centre currently operating in Adelaide.

The partnership was initiated by the Defence Teaming Centre who recognised the significant benefit that collaboration could bring to small business wishing to work in the Defence sector.

“The development partnership will offer significant value and benefit to businesses pursuing opportunities in the Defence sector, allowing them to meet recommended industry guidelines and certifications with a proven and affordable solution already using military level security”, said Defence Teaming Centre CEO, Margot Forster.

Vero Co-CEO Nic Nuske says “It’s often time consuming and complex for businesses to deal with so many tools for various aspects of security for their operations. We want to make it easier to protect your business with a solution that does the hard work for you. We plan to give every business wanting to supply to Defence the ability to quickly demonstrate world class security at an affordable price that helps them grow their business in this future industry in South Australia.”

Vero Chairman and Co-CEO, H. Daniel Elbaum, adds, “as more businesses join the platform solution, trusted and verified exchanges between those businesses and their systems can occur and we can monitor the health and threats 24×7. It’s exciting to think we could have a real impact on the 3% GDP cyber-crime impact in Australia by making it easy to access a comprehensive and global leading set of services.”

OpSys CEO, Matt Fabri’s vision for providing enterprise grade security for every small business is clear: “It truly is the coming together of two pioneering businesses. Companies wanting to protect their business from cyber-crime or position themselves to win work with Defence need a defence grade solution at an affordable price. This collaborative solution will meet these needs.”

VeroGuard is a unique technology that enables online authentication and encrypted transmission across fixed and mobile networks with military and banking level security. VeroGuard is the first and only secure open internet based login to the cloud and enterprise networks. It is a proven ultra-secure technology using an anchored ID and multi-factor authentication providing true digital identity verification.

OpSys is a multi-disciplined team built around the core aim of providing an extended IT department, and offers a range of IT solutions for business. OpSys operates in the background, fixing things before they become a problem.

The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) is an association that enables and supports Australian industry to develop capability and increase overall competitiveness in domestic and global defence markets. DTC enables business through connections, knowledge and expertise, marketing and communications, industry development and Defence policy and Advocacy.


Contact: Nic Nuske on 0418 360 215


Matt Fabri on 0499 400 028

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